Youth Members

Teaching children the value of a sound savings plan can sometimes be a challenge. Service 1 Federal Credit Union has developed the Astro Kids Savings Club to help you meet that challenge. If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to help teach your children or grandchildren the value of money and the importance of saving it – join the club!

Whether it’s quarters from the tooth fairy, birthday cash, or an allowance, Astro Kids Savings Club is the perfect savings account for your child. Parents, grandparents, or guardians can help kids open their account with a deposit of $5.00 or more. Let the fun and learning begin!

Who Can Join?

The Astro’s Kid’s Savings Club is designed for children 12 years of age and younger.

What Are The Benefits?

When a child becomes a member of Astro’s Kid’s Savings Club, they receive a member kit with everything they need to help them manage their own money.

Service One Kids Club membership cardMembership Card: No club would be complete without proof of membership!

Deposit Book: Assists kids in accurately recording their deposits.

No Minimum Balance: Kids earn interest no matter their balance.

Kids Share Certificates: You only need $100 to open a Kid’s CD, plus you can make deposits (min. of $25) whenever you feel like it!

Fun Things To Do and Learn


Packed with helpful saving tips, club updates, and much more – delivered directly to your child.

Birthday Card

Members receive a personal card from Astro on their birthday.

Special Events

Various fun parties throughout the year!

Kids Web Page

Games, events, and kids club news available at the Astro Kids Club.