Does the holiday season—and all the gift buying that goes with it—sneak up on you each year? A Service 1 FCU Christmas Club account is a great way to save a little at a time throughout the year and EARN INTEREST, too!

Open a Christmas Club account and make deposits of any amount at any time, then watch the balance grow and earn interest until your disbursement by transfer to your regular share account on the first day of November. You’ll even receive your 1% interest (on balances up to $5,000 only) prior to the transfer!

Your Christmas Club just got better! Now you can make withdrawals prior to the maturation date without forfeiting the account or the interest ($5 fee per early withdraw) if you need a little cash along the way. Log on to your It’sMe247 Online Banking portal and choose “new accounts” to set up your Christmas Club account in seconds. Or stop in to your local Service 1 FCU branch today. Be prepared for the next holiday season!