Great Card, Great Rate!

Some financial institutions are raising consumer credit card rates, not Service 1 FCU! We offer one great, low, fixed rate on our Visa Cards.

9.9% APR

If you have bank or department store credit cards, chances are you’re paying too much in interest and fees. Pay off those cards with a low-cost advance from your Service 1 Federal Credit Union Visa card.

  • No Annual Fee
  • A true 25-day Grace Period for New Purchases (if your previous Visa statement balance was paid in full)
  • Visa Cash Advances: There are no fees for cash advances from your S1FCU Visa card. Take an advance at any Visa ATM or financial institution displaying the Visa logo. There is no grace period for cash advances. Interest is charged from the date of the transaction. Visa advances may be subject to a third party fee.

To activate your Visa Card call 800-543-5073.
If your Visa Card is lost or stolen please call 866-333-4740.

If you have any questions please send them to

Rates and terms are subject to change. Subject to credit approval. Membership eligibility required. Contact Service 1 Federal Credit Union for details.

Secured Visa Cards

If you’ve run into financial difficulty that resulted in damaged credit, you might find it hard to obtain new credit. Past credit mistakes can be nearly impossible to move past at times. What do you do when you need to re-establish your credit, but can’t get a credit card?

You get a secured credit card from Service 1 Federal Credit Union!

A secured credit card is different from regular credit cards in that you put the amount the credit card is worth in your S1FCU savings account and it is used as collateral for the purchases you’re making using the card. You’re able to safely and securely start rebuilding your credit score.

Contact us for more details on how you can get started rebuilding your credit with a secure Visa card.